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Not sure exactly where this post belongs, but I thought I'd start here. 65 Malibu SS. Frame/suspension is fresh, together and hand-tightened waiting for full weight. Underbody is done except building transmission tunnel waiting for final geometry. Body loosely mounted on frame. Owner/builder who's learning all of this as he goes along but WILL finish this himself even if organs have to sold and who needs some advice from folks who've been here before. Which direction do I need to go now?

*Prime, install front clip, align, straighten, (paint?), disassemble as necessary to do mechanical/fuel/electrical, reassemble that which was dissembled and do final assembly.

*Mechanical/fuel/electrical while assembling enough of body to plan mounting points and routing, disassemble all needed to do all body work including paint, fully reassemble.

Maybe if this was a straight resto it would be easier, but I can't "see" the best way to plan for aftermarket a/c and EFI, clearance for brake booster, and all the etc. I'm leaning toward a near-full temporary mechanical and body build then dis-/reassembly so that I minimize drilling and cutting freshly painted steel. I just can't settle on a plan in my head and would like to hear others successes and learning experiences so that I can hopefully keep moving forward.

Thanks to all.
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