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Blue printed rebuil. 356 small block

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The build on this car is: 40 over pistons, new valves,rods,rings, Dart Iron Eagle heads, Edlebrock aluminum intake, rebuilt Edlebrock Carb,Com high energy cam 212/218,new fuel pump, stock exhaust manifold, 2 1/2 down pipes to Pypes, Street pros, 2 1/2 to the rear with polished tips. 3:36 posi. 350 turbo trans. Compression 9:52 to 1. How much to think I have improved the performance on this build?
hot Rod Ed
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Hi Dave. I have heard quite a few of the guy's referring to a 350 SB mild build. Would you put my blue printed build 350 described above in that category of a "Mild Build"

Hot Rod Ed.
Yes sir, pretty mild. Your compression and cam aren't that far off from stock -- it'll idle smooth, drive easy, probably work with a stock torque converter, and shouldn't require premium fuel. Your cam is similar in size to the 350/330hp crate engine (vortec head) which has a 212/222 duration cam. Exhaust manifolds (vs. headers) are costing you some power, and thats the one thing I would change, esp if you're looking to improve over stock. A lot of guys don't like the hassle of headers, but they will make more power. I guess Dart Iron Eagle heads came in several different intake port sizes.. I'm assuming you have the small ones. (165cc?)

Not sure what you started with, so hard to say how much you've improved, but I'd guess you're probably in the 320-340hp range (at the crank)

thanks Dave good information. the Dart Heads are 180cc
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