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The guy who had my car before had problems with the Heater blower, his quickie solution was to wire in a toggle switch. I'm now finishing the car and am going to correct this. My question is...
He undid all the wiring to the Blower relay so they were all dangling. I need to know what colors go where, so if anyone has a schematic handy or can see the bottom of the relay I sure would appreciate a tip on where to plug them all back in so I can begin to troubleshoot it. I think the relay is out but I need to hook it up to test it

Posts are as follows 1,2,3, and 5. There is no terminal at where 4 is molded in.

Next question, My A/C was missing alot of stuff when I bought the car and I have several "extra" plugs under the hood, I have a harness branching off the engine harness with what appears to be similar to a GM internal regulator alt connector on the end. This harness has several wires in each of the two terminals, and alot of the colors match up to the two relays close to the blower relay. (I'm guessing these relays are for A/C clutch and fast idle solenoid) I thought it may be the Compressor clutch but I have another loose harness with a similar plug and an eyelet on one end for grounding. Could the other mystery harness be for fast idle solenoid? I'm running a holley now so no way for me to even see what the connector on a fast idle solenoid would look like heheh.

Lastly, my engine harness has the orange blower motor wire in it and yet coming off the blower relay is a purple wire with the correct end on it for the blower why the orange? Was it included in all harnesses regardless of A/C or not then just not used in an air car?

The best would be if someone could E-mail me a schematic at [email protected] But it would even be a great help if someone with a schematic could browse it for my mystery harness's and relay connections and reply here what they are.

Thanks in advance!

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