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block Id

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Iam in the market for a engine to put in the bu. I found two and needed some advise. One is short block 30 over cast 14010207. The other is a 72 block .010 all stock long block. both are fairly cheap. any advise?
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14010207 = 350 ,80-85,155-255hp,car & truck,2 & 4-Bolt, Passenger stick
3970010 =302/350 ,69-79,145-370hp,car & truck,2 & 4-Bolt, Most common

If your not going nuts on a high end build ,it's a toss up.
Both will likely need pistons and good heads along with a decent cam to bring them up to speed (no pun).
Pick one.
I'd probably lean toward the 010 but I'm old school.
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