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Block Cleaning - Hot Tank or Oven - Pros/Cons

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Got a big block to take to the cleaners.

Have a choice between the chemical hot tank and cooking in the oven.

Is one method better than the other ?
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Having 1 oven (Bayco), 3 spray cabinets, 2 ultra-sonics, and a pair of "steel-shots", we find we very rarely "light" the oven anymore. With natural gas prices where they are and feeding the oven through a 3.000" main, it's too costly. Also, I've never really took a liking to the ovens, they tend to "bake" too much of the "core-oil" out of the castings. If the tanks are maintained properly they do just fine. I will add however, we don't handle too many used parts anymore either. 20/25 years back, before new castings "flooded" the market we managed to "bake" some 30/40 heads a week, many came from the local "junkyards" here. Thanks, Gary in N.Y.
P.S. We had one "major" issue years ago with a bad "thermo-couple" in the oven and it proceeded to melt an alloy head down into the "trolley" and the wheels. It took a while to clean up the damage. We came in on a Monday mornig and found molten aluminum coming from under the oven door. The shop was up around 100 degrees. All the safetys failed.
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