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  • Blast Before Burning.

    J_: I am working on 1970 Chevelle convertible and I want to remove the body from theframe. The mounting hardware is very rusty. What is the best way to get to the hardware?Should I use a torch or is there some other way to do this?

    SC: I use a torch only as a last resort, when all else fails. Try a penetrating oil first, suchas "Blaster". Drill a small hole in the floorpans or trunkpan and very liberally immerse therusty weldnuts and bolts from the top. Let it soak overnight, then rap on the bolt heads totry to free them up. Try not to break off a bolt at this point. If they are still not free, soakthem down again and repeat the process. If they are still not free, then go for the torch.Be very careful here, however, it is best to have gas tank removed and lines blown outbefore proceeding with the torch.

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