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black plate value El Camino

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I have a pair of black yellow California plates off a 1969 El Camino SS396.
I parted the car out years ago, and believe it or not, I found both original plates underneath a pair of blue/yellow newer plates. Someone had the foresight to keep the original plates on the car and just mounted the new plates right on top of them. I have yet to check with the DMV to see if they are clear, but I assume so, since the old plate number would have had to have been retired when the newer plates were issued. The owner just decided not to turn them in, for whatever reason.....or said they were missing??? Maybe they liked the newer plate??? Who knows. Might have been changed just to keep up with the Jones's. Californians are that way. Gotta be up to date and cool, ya know.:cool:

The new law in CA (AB462) went into effect July 1 2009 and states that the YOM plates can be transfered to 1969 older cars, which now makes these plates valuable.
I see lots of plates at swap meets and a few on eBay.
There was a guy at Hot August Nights in Reno this year asking (and saying that he's getting) $200 a pair.

These plates that I have are for an El Camino, or, I guess, a truck. They have 5 numbers and a letter and have their own unique sequence (spacing), different from a regular car plate. (3 letters and 3 numbers)

An example can be seen here. The plate at the top is for an El Camino.

So here's my question. Assuming the El camino plates are more rare, thus are going to be much harder to come up with in pairs, what are they worth? They are in real good condition. And there are plate restorers out there as well that can make them look brand new.
I'm thinking $250-300 for the pr. What say you?

Seems to me there would be a threshold or plateau as to what someone would be willing to pay for black/yellow plates. I don't think they bring the value of the vehicle up $200, do they?
A prospective car buyer could just check past registrations and see that the plates were not original to the car. I think it's more a wow or cool factor.
Maybe I'll just hang em on the wall. They make a hell of a good conversation piece. I've got a pair off a 68 Nova as well.

Wrecking yard owners must be kicking themselves right now for turning in all those pairs off junked vehicles over the last 40 years. Especially at $200 a pair !
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It's been a few years but I sent a set off for restoration and it only cost me $75 and I think shipping back to me was included.
I think it depends a lot on the condition, but mine did need some straightening.

I don't think you'd have to spend more than a c note for any pair.
I have bought 2 pairs from ebay, 1 pair for $ 50 and the other for $ 90, although I have seen them go over $ 200. I believe it costs at least $200 to have "professionlly" restored.
I am going to buy the paint and base coat/clear coat them
Are you referring to El Camino plates?
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