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Big Block Header bolts/Fasteners?

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Some of my threads don't look so good on my Brodix RR's. I have the Arp header bolts but I had to clean out the threads and now the bolts are not a completely snug fit. Heads are already on the new block. I looked on summit but can't figure out which ones I need that actually spread like a Poly lock to help tighten the header bolt. Can anyone help me with a part number for this from summit or jegs. Not just regular header bolts. I already have those.

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I've used them, and so far work good.
Check out Nord Lock Washers. Go to there site and watch the video.

I've used quite of few of those style washers too. We used them in our shop for building paper converting equipment, so I had to grab a few once in a while. They work very well on my header collectors, intake manifold bolts, and suspension bolts.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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