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Best Reproduction Sheet Metal?

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I recently got my car back from being media blasted. Full details are available here:

I took the car to my paint and body guy yesterday and he went over it with a fine toothed comb. He has suggested that the following sheet metal be replaced:

- both door skins
- passenger side lower rear quarter panel
- driver side ENTIRE quarter panel (this panel has a fair amount of rust in the lower area behind the wheel and has a pretty significant dent between the rear wheel and door. The body guy said he can fix this dent but not without using a fair amount of body filler. He felt like the finish product would be better if we just replace the entire panel)

I've researched numerous threads on this site and the consensus seems to be that Goodmark reproduction panels are the way to go. It seems that Goodmark offers different replacement panels. Some are made with OEM tooling and others with "new" tooling. Which parts should I try to get? What are the differences. I'm going after a "show quality" finish product. Thanks for any and all input.

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