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I have 3 sets of heads and an extra crank and a built short block. I need to decide what heads to use and if the crank can/should be used.

The 1st set of heads are: C18 \ 77 6272990

2nd: K65 3872702

Pistons: L2240N

Cam: Crower 01700 306-H Mach VII 306/306 .550/.550 242/242 LC 107

extra crank (not installed) 3521 with an 'X' on 1st weight.

Intake ED Torker II single plane

this is in a 66SS with what looks like a T400 trans with 2500 stall

I need to figure out if I'm going with the larger port 990 heads or not. I'm guessing by the cam specs that the larger port heads would be a better match. I'm in the process of pulling the engine to find out more about how this was built.

The usage would be NOT be a daily driver, so drivability is not a primary concern and won't be raced regularly.

Any input on which way to go?

Any tips on websites or book that would give me more reading info?

Thanks, KarlJay.

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mr 4 speed said:
I would NOT use the 990's on a 396
Cam sounds good
Use the 702's and a .180 domed piston
And toss the single plane Torker,get an RPM
yep, what he said. i'd maybe think about a shorter duration cam like an xe274 or one of the voo doo cams from lunati, but if the cams already in the motor i'd just go ahead and use it, i don't think it will be the thing that makes or breaks your combo.
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