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Best location for EFI fuel filter

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Wasn't quite sure where to post this but I assume since a few of us here are LS1 transplant guys this might be the best place.

Where is the best place to mount the Corvette filter?

In my 66 I mounted the corvette fuel filter on the vertical ledge right behind the rearend. I didn't think much of it when I was doing this but after looking at the pics I realized it might be a poor location since when my car is lowered it looks like the pumpkin will hit it - doesn't seem to be much room there even for a Panhard bar.

Here is my setup. Do I need to move it or is this a non-issue? Over the past few months of researching I've seen filters mounted in this general area.

I also found these pics from Robbied31. (Robbied, I hope you don't mind that I used your pics. I'll delete if there is issue. thx). He mounted them just above where I mounted mine but he mounted in the horizontal plane higher up in the body.

I suppose I could mount the filter on the frame also but would rather not if possible.
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I suppose I could mount the filter on the frame also but would rather not if possible.
My Impala has it on the frame just forward of were the lower control arm meets te frame.

I did not know the non modular dell housing 4L60E would mount to the LS series motors....???
Not sure this is what you mean Tad, but I have a 700r4 bolted to my LS1. You just lose a bolt hole and have to use a spacer between the flexplate and the crank but it works great!
That is exactly what I ment thanx :)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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