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Best heat sleeve/shield product?

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I have some wiring near the starter as well as my fuel lines run down the frame rail right next to the headers. I would like to put some sort of flame guard heat sleeving some sorta stuff on. What works best in your experiences?

1. Earl's Flame Guard (pricey but does it work?)

2. Thermo Tec Heat Sleeve (cheap enough and I have used it before but does it really do the job?)

3. ? (insert product manufacturer and # here)

4. ? (insert product manufacturer and # here)

And so on and so on...
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I have a remote oil filter and the hoses run between the oil pan & the headers and I wanted lots of protection for them.I had an old set of spark plug boot protectors,so I cut a couple of them down the middle and wrapped them around the hoses,then I covered the whole thing with Thermo Tec Thermo Flex sleeve.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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