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Berillium Valve Seat ?

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Anyone know if Berilium valve seats installed for using Titanium valves would be compatable with stainless valves ? I realize they are softer.
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Stikman33 said:
Interesting, a lighter valve so assuming it doesn't hit the seat as hard, hence the use of a softer material valve seat. Is this supposed to promote longer life of the valves themselves? Other than that i dont understand the point of using anything other than normal.

Titanium is stronger and lighter, but not as hard. Hence the copper berilium seats.
kjett said:
Just pony up and run titanium valves in it :D I actually considered doing exactly that on the new engine until I found out how much they cost They're only about $85 a piece. :eek:
Yeah I know....EEEEKKK!!!..I don't run enough RPM to warrant them.

Actually, the seats are installed in a brand new set of Brodix 2+ Alum heads I have for sale.
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