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I have a 69 malibu that had a bench seat, that has since been removed.Bought a set of 68 buckets and plan on putting them in this weekend.

In Ground-up they sell a bench to bucket convertor, which from the picture basically looks like two sheet metal straps with bolts on each end, and one end bent up higher than the other. Has anyone used these and where do they go, across from front bolt to front bolt on the same seat,front to back under the track?
Or what I suspect, one on each seat on the inside track from front to back?I didn't check out the floor pan yet but are they all the same with bolt holes for bench or bucket?Thats probably a dumb question cause if it was you wouldn't need those straps.Also are the two outside holes usable on the outside track and I just drill and shim the inside?

Any info on this would be appercatied

Thanks Harry

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Don't know what happened...I answered this last night for you...I'll try again.

The brackets you have are used for the inside seat track with the raised end for the front.

You should be able to use one of the outside rear holes already in the floor if I recall correctly.

The outside front is a little trickier because there is another bracket that is supose to be welded to the floor that I'm almost sure no body makes. This bracket if I recall lift the seat track almost 1/2" off the floor.

I guess you could drill a hole in the floorpan and use a bolt and shims... Just be sure to use heavy washers on both sides of the floorpan for strength. Hate to slam on the brakes and have the seat pull through the floorpan!

If you know someone with bucket seats 68' thru 72' ask if you can take a look. This could give you a better prospective.


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Sorry fastSS I did see your other post but like someone in the engine & drivetrain suggested to post it hear in the interior section. Didn't mean to seem like I wasn't grateful for your info or I was trying to blow you off.

Was just hoping maybe someone had Pics or anything else to add.

Again Thanks Alot
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