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I was sifting through the last years topics, and couldn't find the one on bench testing. So I am asking for some help. I pulled the tach from the dash. It had worked for a couple of years, then one day decided not to work. I know the light blue wire is ground, so that leaves dark blue, brown, gray, and pink. I remembered reading about using a drill with an old distributor and battery. I don't remember how it all gets wired together. If the bench test doesn't work I will need to send the tach out. I hope somebody has had success with getting their tach fixed. I need my tack to work again. The more gauges to gaze at the better. Love to cruise in my '67. Thanks boys!

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The connections are as follows:

Light blue – left blinker light
Gray -inst. cluster lamp
Pink -inst. power (hot with ignition on)
Brown -RPM pulse (connects to coil)
Dark blue -? Could this be black? If so it's ground.

My tach. (part #6468499) has the following wire colors.

White – connects to light blue
Gray - gray
Red - pink
Brown – brown
Black - ground
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