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Bellhousing information please.

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I'm going to look at a bellhousing and need some information.

I know it is aluminum and was last used in a 68 chevelle but I don't know the casting number and if it is original to the car.

I'm going to use it in a future BB-Muncie-Chevelle project.

Two are listed in the Tech Reference article on converting to a 4 speed. The small diameter bellhousing is part number 3858403. The large diameter bellhousing is part number 3899621. I'm assuming these numbers are stamped on the housing.

Are these the only aluminum bellhousings used in Chevelles?

Any other useful information I should know before buying?

Thanks for any help!
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Good evening. I am one of the guys that machines an adapter ring for the transmission hole in the bellhousings. We use either aluminum or steel, whichever you want. The steel ring should be secured with some very good adhesive, such as JB Weld. The aluminum ring can be secured in a similar manner, but, I personally recommend drilling and tapping 2 holes at the intersection where the ring fits into the bellhousing. You then install set screws and Loc-Tite them into place. I get $28 for these adapter rings and will include shipping to the lower 48 states. I also am willing to fabricate most anything else that you fellows might need. We are always looking for a little work that has a high Entertainment Factor. Our shop is outside Louisville, KY. But, UPS runs everyday. Best of luck to you guys.
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