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Hey yall... just thought i'd throw out my ideas so far as to what I'm going to do with my 65 elcamino for a drag car. I'm planing on building a 496cid bbc with atleast 10.5 comp hope to get 11to1 .. but we'll see, .635" lift cam, single plane intake with a holley 850 dp worked to flow 1050 @ wot running on e-85 fuel,
the car it self with have fully adjustable rear suspension arms with a 29.5x10.5 slick and a THM 400 with either 4.11, or 4.56 gears out back with a mini spool and a c clip eliminator kit... mainly I'm looking for input on this subject guys.. oh and the car will weigh 2900 with me in it at 200 lbs. Thanks for the thoughts in advance...
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