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I am still having issues with the cooling even after adding a new 4 core alum Champion radiator, fan shroud, and fan, thus eliminating the Spal dual fan setup on my Camaro. It is much better on the highway. I bet it was close to 90 today and with the a/c on, it wouldn't get past 175 on the interstate. I did discover that I have a 5 3/4 in crank pulley, which came with a kit from March as 3 pulleys. I found my stock V belt pulley and it is 7 inches. I am very close to just purchasing it IF I can find one. I have a 6 ribbed belt for the water pump but a 5 rib for the Vintage A/C compressor. I am not finding a 7 inch in that. My question is, is it worth changing? I have seen videos of people doing this with great success. What do you think?
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