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BBC Induction & Ignition Systems

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BBC Induction & Ignition Systems

My loss is your gain. Going EFI. Here is a list of BB Top End & Ignition Parts off my BB 408 I'm trying to sell to help finance my EFI conversion. I'd like to get $1300.00 for the remaining parts plus shipping. Turns out to be around a $500.00 savings at Jegs or Summit prices. I'd probably be inclined to take less for a complete package deal plus shipping costs for everything listed.
All parts are either NIB or very slightly used and like new. E-mail me for Hi-Res. Pics.

MSD Pro Billet Dist. P/N 8360 $225.00 (Approx. 600 Mi.)
MSD Digital 6 Plus Ignition P/N 6520 $250.00 (New)
MSD 6 Series HVC Coil P/N 8253 $150.00 (New)
MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire set P/N 31189 $50.00 (New) SOLD
Aeromotive Fuel Pres. Reg. P/N 13212 $145.00 (New) SOLD
Wilson 1" Open Spacer P/N 000010 $60.00 (4 Dyno Pulls)
Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Oval Port Manifold $180.00 (Approx. 600 Mi.) SOLD
Holley Adj. Billet Fuel Log P/N 34-39 $160.00 (New)
Holley 170 GPH Mech. Fuel Pump P/N 12-454-20 $75.00 (New) SOLD
ProSystems 780 DP Carb $525.00 (Approx. 600 Mi.)
1-3/4 x 3" BB Ceramic Coated Headers $300.00 (Approx. 600 Mi.) Brand Unknown

Asking Price: $1,300.00
Condition: Excellent

Engine Auto part Fuel line Carburetor Vehicle
Technology Electronic device Auto part Electronics accessory
Auto part Vehicle Engine Car Carburetor

City: Thornton
State: Colorado
Displayed Email: [email protected]
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Picked up some parts from F1 Speed today. Great guy who is meticulous with his stuff. Even his used parts looked new. Don't hesitate to buy from him. Save a few bucks and help this fellow chevelle fanatic get to his EFI!


will u sell the bracket with the fuel regulator?
Thanks ,
Rich 201 519 8893
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