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Hi gentlemen
I need to order a set of exhaust valves for a set of 781's in 1.88".
I see theres alot of different valves on the market. Im looking at either manley or milodon but which ones and why? If they are both the same material and one set is $50 cheaper is it a marketing or quality issue?
To be used with a solid roller cam

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I read somewhere that Manley's are harder material valves ,will not bend easy but will brake a piston , I prefered to loose a valve and not a piston .

I went with Manley's because a friend got a new unused 2.25 /1.88 set he also got the reatiners for the Isky's springs that I will use ,ALL for for a low price .
I just send the intakes valves back to Summit and change them for +.100 longer , just in case I use roller in the future .as Jay mentioned in this post

Check this post and call Chris Straub ,Good Luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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