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BB vs SM and quality crate engines?

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have a 67 hardtop that needs an engine...not sure about big block or small block...want to get some input from the pro's (you guys). I know it depends on how I want it to perform, but it's going to be a daily driver (dry weather only) with about 425-450 hp. Don't want to start a holy war, but would like to hear some pro's and cons on both - maybe just good experiences and bad experiences. I'm in the Seattle area and traffic is so screwed up that no matter what you drive, top speed is 37 mph (state must have hired polititians as transportation planners!)

Also, are crate engines any good, and is one brand better than others?


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What about one of the 454 HO crate motors from GM,425 HP and a warranty,and they are reasonably priced.
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