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Battery not charging

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I installed a new Interstate battery in October 2010. (800 Cold cranking amps)
and last month I noticed the brake lights were not working. I also noticed with the headlights on and when I turn on the high beams the headlights go out (This could be just the switch, its probably original)

I start it up at least once/week, sometimes twice. On tuesday, after driving for about 30 minutes, it would not start. The battery should not be dead. I took the battery to the local shop where I bought it, and had it charged for several hours. So, I am thinking there may be problem with the alternator(NAPA part # 66287 - 63 amp) or voltage regulator. I purchased a new voltage regulator(Duralast VR715) from auto-zone and then tested the voltage with a volt meter. The battery reads 12.6 volts and the alternator reads 12.3 volts with the engine running.

Shouldn't the alternator read more than 12 volts??

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My friend is an electronic tech for NASA and he came over with his volt meter. I think its was just an ordinary volt meter. I am not sure what kind

If the alternator is not charging properly, would the best thing to do is just replace it?
If so, I might as well go with a 100 amp alternator. (I want to add a power stereo amp and possibly power windows) Any brand of alternator that is better than others? Is it just capping off the existing voltage regulator? Do I need to buy a new wiring harness?

Should it be installed as a 1 wire or 3 wire? What the connection to the voltage regulator?
What extra wire(s) do I need to connect to the horn relay?

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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