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Basic question (newbie)

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I actually started my car the other day with a friend that knows way more than i do. I founf that most of the wiring I did was wrong (not dangerous but wrong just the same). We used this contraption sends 12 volts to the distributor and bypasses the ignition. It sounded good between the backfires, Can't wait to get this studd straightend out

I found the 12 volt key source in the engine compartment (orange wire about 10 guage) I am assuming this goes to the little stud on the engine side of the starter.

I was told to run the wires back to the battery for the msd. But if I put the hot wire to the main stud and ground the neg would that be the same thing?

Now that leaves me with a total of 3 wires to the starter: my msd hot (main terminal), the battery cable (main terminal) and the orange wire (small stud on the motor side of starter) is that correct? Also some proper terminology would be great to.
thanks guys…

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Don't you have a trunk mounted battery or am I comfusing you with someone else? If so, then the starter solenoid would be the easiest place to connect the MSD.

By Key Source do you mean power in the start position only. The inner terminal of the starter should be powered when the key is in the Start position, not when the key is on.

I think there's an orange wire for the heater motor. Can anyone confirm this??? See if it goes off when you disconnect the heater speed switch.

If I'm not mistaken, the ignition switch is mounted on the column under the dash and antivated by a wire from the tumbler (standard GM configuration). You don't even have to go into the column to access it. If the tumbler part turns OK it should be easy to put a new switch into it and fix-up the wiring harness. That'd be my first suggestion. Go through the harness and remove any extra hacked-on stuff and put it back to origional. Use heatshrink and solder if possible.

As is, the orange wire could be used but I would be wary of the hacked harness you have.


The battery in the trunk was a lucky guess I guess.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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