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bad proform alt

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well I finally gave up on the wiper motor problem and moved on to teh battery drain on the 72. Had a friend who races stock cars come by to help. Showed me some neat trouble shooting tips. Found out that my new, but out of warrenty because I've been rebuilding this car for 2 years, proform alternator is shorted out internally. Not even he could figure out this damn windshield wiper problem. I've replaced the motor three times, harnaess in the engine compartment, I guess the switch would be next, but screw it, I know when I',m beat. Why wouldn't the damn fuse blow before it cooks the inside of these damn things?

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Not tring to be a wise guy Rick, but why do people get electrocuted indide a house if the house has breakers?
The fuses in a car operate more than one thing, just like your house.
The turn-on current is higher than the operating current so the fuse has to be bigger.
A small short can burn things up without blowing the fuse.
A small thought on your wipers. Do you have the wire fron battery (-) to the right inside fender?
My opinion: Not a fan of aftermaket alternators. I don't think you need to go there with your set-up.
Believe GFIs were required, on new construction, after 1975. May be off a couple of years.
Mytmouse (Robert) used someone to fix his chrome alternator. Think he was happy with the work. Search on his name in the main forum.
Not at the moment Rick. I sold one to Jody Sirmans about 3 months back and I'm not sure he used it. Might ask him if it's available. Does your transmission move freely?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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