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Bad effects from hard rubber spring spacers?

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My car has had 3 hard rubber spring spacers in the middle (vertically) of the coils for 11 years, they were there when I got it. I thought they had to be there to hold the rear end up cuz the springs were sacked or something. I am monkeying with the suspension, and wondered what would happen if I removed them. So I took them out, and the rear only dropped 1/4". What the heck was the previous guy who put them in thinking?

I can't drive the car right now, but I am looking forward to trying it with the new Eddy shocks and the rubber blocks out. The previous shocks were pretty worn, and I am guessing that the blocks just made the springs less compliant to following the road contour. Is it going to ride a million times better? Gimme some good news for once :)
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Gib my guess is it's going to ride better.....A million times better I'm not sure....But better......:thumbsup:
I believe with all those changes it will be a noticeable difference. Removing the spring spacers and upgrading the shocks alone should make a nice change.
Maybe I missed an update on the kids....How are they doing in the big city? Hopefully all is well and they are getting adjusted to the new environment....:thumbsup:
That is great.....And I knew they were very important in your life, and thankfully the relocation went smoothly. Hopefully it won't be to long until you are all reunited again......:beers:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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