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back wheel and tire size

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hey, i was wondering what you guys were fitting under the rears of your cars i have a 72 chevelle with a buick 8.5 rear end. which means its an inch narrower than a chevelle rear end. ive heard i could get a 29x10.5x15 with a 15 x10x5.5bs
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Buick 8.5" rears were not installed until 1971 and were the same width as Chevelle rears. Now, if it is a 64-67 Buick 8.2 rear then it is narrower by about 5/8ths inch on each side. If it is the 8.5 rear then the 15x10 w/5.5" bs will work but if it is one of the earlier 64-67 8.2 rears then 5" bs would be about right.
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