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I originally cam on this site back in 1999 or so when I had my 67 SS396 convertible....the car I should have NEVER EVER sold.
I signed up again a month or 2 ago after I bought a 1980 Malibu. as luck would have it, I just found a true 67 SS396 4 speed car but with no motor or trasns. It does have a few nice options: original 12 bolt with the track bar still attached, 4 speed console with tach, clutch pedals and z-bar setup, and front disc brakes. It does have a SS hood on it but some GENIUS cut a hole in it and mounted a 2 fiberglass cowl scoop on it. My friend and are are both pretty good at body work so we are going to attempt to restore the hood to a somewhat presentable condition. It is missing the drivers bucket seat.
I'll be heading back to the Chevellabration this year, first time in 6 years. The Air Force keeps moving me around

Anyway, glad to be back :)


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Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!

sob - that is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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