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So I'll give a little back ground to what made this Saturday just awesome! Three years ago (I was 23) I was coming home from the May 24 long weekend camping and racing at Grand Bend Motorplex and we were racing the rain home. Well needless to say it caught up with me 5 minutes from my house on an off ramp. My car hydroplaned and did a 180 on me. It was one of those S-bend ramps with a fairly steep down grade at the bottom and by the time I got to the bottom my car was floating on me. I wrecked 2 rims on the passenger side and there was actually a police officer at the lights right where I spun out. He told me that he was surprised I didn't do more damage and that I wasn't being careless or anything and called a tow truck for me. It took 45 minutes for the tow truck to show up (actually caused 2 accidents from people just looking at my car and running into the car infront of them at the lights where it happened lol).

I was pretty bummed out because I knew it was going to take a while for the rims to come in and they were going to take up most available cash. All the people who had been camping decided to take me out to dinner because I was so bummed out about my car. When we came out of the restaurant that night someone broke into my Silverado SS and did about 5000 worth of damage to it. Since I had to pay my deductable on the truck (what a kick in the pants, same day I spin out the Chevelle) I didn't have enough money to fix the car that summer. Well life got in the way and it ended up sitting for almost 2 years, and last year when I got it rolling again the time sitting had not been good for the engine.

Anyways, enough details, I drove my Chevelle for the first time in almost 3 years and it was awesome! The rain stopped for a day and it just felt great. I actually got the butterfly's in the stomache just driving down main street, it was just awesome!

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I missed a car show Saturday cause of a family thing, but it was good:)
I am today(Sunday), taking out the SS for a ride over to a food drive being put on by a car guy then to the car club meeting then back home. first time in two months getting the SS out and first time in about 9 month that it will be driven more than about 10 miles:D
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