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I bought a 70 LS6 Chevelle in Aug 1970 from the dealer who sold it new. It had 11,000 miles on it, so I presume the original owner got tired of putting gas in it, because 10 MPG was the best I could ever get out of it cruising on the interstate at 65. I sold it to get the down payment for my first house in August 1974. At that time, the car was stock except for headers and 15 x 8 Corvette rally wheels that I had installed. I sold the original wheels and tires before I sold the car, but the buyer of the car did take the original exhaust manifolds.

The next owner was a kid whom I think just graduated from high school, and I heard from a guy that I worked with who knew him, that the kid claimed he mostly paid for the car street racing on country highways. My co-worker later told me that the guy's girlfriend was driving it, it lost coolant, the engine overheated and got damaged, and got replaced by a hot-rodded big block out of a pulling tractor.

A few years later, maybe 3 or 4, I picked up a Wheeler Dealer magazine and on the inside cover, saw what appeared to be that car with a GMC blower sticking up through the hood. It was for sale in a town nearby, but I had no money to go buy it back then, and my hot rod was then a Sunbeam Tiger that I had put a 289 Hipo in.

By the late 90's, when I had enough money to start collecting some classic cars, I wished I could find the car, but never have, which is not surprising. However, in its original colors, it was an unusual car. I don't think I ever saw another 70 Autumn Gold Chevelle with a Gold vinyl top when I owned the car. I know I saw Autumn Gold cars with black vinyl tops back then. I think I found an SS396 online at some classic car dealer that had that color combination a few years ago, but I think that's the only other Autumn Gold/Gold vinyl top Chevelle that I have ever seen.

I'm not really interested in buying it back if it was found (but I would consider it, depending on the condition of the car), as I have built a visual clone of it (minus the vinyl top), but with a lot of chassis, driveline and engine upgrades (frame boxed and stiffened, custom 9" axle, 4L85E trans and 572 engine) that I built from a rust-free Malibu coupe.

I have documentation of the options on my original car that the dealer gave me when I bought it. I think its a partial copy of their invoice, where they blocked off their cost. Its shows the VIN, all the option codes that it had, and the base and option list prices. I also have my original purchase documentation. If anyone could locate this car, I would be willing to share my documentation to prove the originality of the car. The key identifier would be the Gold vinyl top on an Autumn Gold (color 58) with black stripes car made in Kansas City (136370Kxxxxxx VIN). I bought it from Mills Chevrolet in Moline, Illinois, and sold here in Ames Iowa, where I've lived since 1972. The Wheeler Dealer ad, which I did not keep, listed it for sale in Nevada, IA, the next town east of Ames.

I also have a few photos of it taken within a few days of buying it, showing it in original condition. The only modification by the original owner had made, was that it had exhaust cutouts welded in the stock exhaust pipes. Maybe he had drag raced it at Cordova, IL that's just a few miles from Moline. I did call the original owner before I bought it, but he didn't seem interested in talking much, and that's all I recall about that conversation. I've looked for a record of the name and found a name and number written on the back of my checkbook register from that time, but I don't know if that was him or not. I searched the name on the internet, but didn't find anything useful. I think the used car salesman told me that the original owner worked at the Alcoa plant in Bettendorf, IA, and maybe that he worked the night shift. Maybe I called him at a bad time of the day.

I'm not giving any more hints than that, because I won't provide documentation unless that car is positively found. If anyone thinks they might know of the car, feel free to contact me. Documentation would be free to an individual owner, but maybe not to a dealer.
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