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Description: 4-9-08 in stalled these parts:
MSD 8360 electronic Distibutor. MSD 8433 black cap, MSD 8202 Blaster 2 Coil, and MSD 3110 Heli-core spark plug wires.
Removed stock point distributor and installed new parts. All wiring and fittings needed for Distributor are included with distributor. Good instructions for installation and wiring hook up to Coil and 12 V. Used a black distibutor cap insteasd of red. Spark plug wires come with tool to cut and crimp.
Results of installation was excellent. Everything went in as suppose to, and engine started right up. After timing was completed, there is a very noticeable smoother idle, fast starting, and with the 36* total timing, in by 3000, 18* inital setting, a VERY improved performance. No box was used. I'm very happy with the results.
MSD 8202 blaster 2 coil $32 bought 3-06
MSD 3119 plug wires $60 bought 3-06
MSD 8360 ready to run, around $295 in 2006
Had them in storage.
Everything bought from Summit Racing.

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