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AUTOMETER sportcomp Oil Guage quick questions.... 71' 350

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Hey everyone. I installed an autometer oil guage, mechanical I believe. The one with the oil actually going through the little hose. Where exactly does it go, I saw an old port from when I had a stock dash, this unscrewed and looks like the same size threading on the new autometer, its right below my distributor on the driver side, looks to be leading into the oil.

Also the little hose that connects, can it be trimmed, does length matter? Also it doesnt have to go INTO , as in touch the oil does it? Hope that makes sence..... Thanks

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Only going to say DON'T use the nylon tubing supplied with the gauge, get the copper line or the steel braided. I have had the nylon break and spill nice hot oil all over my leg & carpet when driving. Wasn't a pleasant experience.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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