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Autocross Videos - 69 Malibu & 67 Wagon

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I met up with Scott (aka "Scotch") at the Solo event in West Salem, WI last Sunday. I have more videos I will post as I get time to upload them. The course was crazy fast, and had a few very technical elements as well.

Scott's '67 Wagon in his best run of the day, somewhere in the 62 or 63 sec range IIRC.

Ride along for an in-car of my best run of the day, and the only one I had that was clean. I did have one run with a 59.8xx raw time, but 6 seconds of cone penalties on it. :eek:

And here's my big screw-up on my first run of the day...

Here's a rundown of what all occurred and why I made that big of error. One of the first few cars to go blew oil all over the track at the exit of that slolom, so they changed the course, AFTER I did the course-walk. The original layout I was going to enter left, which would have allowed me to brake in a straighter line, and brake about 20ft later. With the change of the exit of the slolom, entering right looked like the faster line. (no course walk, just a parade lap)

As I came through the fast part of the course, I was setting up to enter left, then remembered I needed to go right. You can see me change my line just as I start to brake. So, not only did I brake too late, but went into it all wrong and had to brake while turning. The car got real loose (another contributing factor was having too much air pressure in the rear on that first run) and from there it was all I could do just to keep it on the track. :eek:

I hit 12 cones throughout the day, mostly with my right side. I hope a clay bar takes cone juice off the paint. :eek:
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I have 4.10s with a 4L60e (very low 1st gear), so it was in 2nd before I even tripped the start beams. The 3000rpm converter keeps me in my power band pretty well even out of the slow sections. :)
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