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My 1967 Chevelle 300 deluxe

Modifications to the car are as follows:
Baer brakes front & rear
Hotchkiss tubular upper control arms front
Hotchkiss adjustable upper arms rear
Hotchkiss Lower arms rear
1 1/4" front sway bar - no rear bar
275/40-17 all 4 corners

5.7L Ls engine swap with 4L60e automatic
12 bolt rear w/ 3.55 posi
coil covers were items that Jeff had left over from his years at Car Craft (dec 12 2004 cover shot engine and car)

The favorite aspect of this vehicle is its backstory. Originally it was owned by a friend of mine, Mr. Tim Moore who passed away unexpected about 6 years ago, prior to his passing my friend Jeff Smith, who you may recognize as past editor of magazines such as Car Craft and Hot Rod, had purchased the car because Tim wanted to buy some land near Willow springs raceway. in 2020 Jeff told me he was going to have to sell Tim's Chevelle and my response was "Hell, if you have to sell it, sell it to me"

Jeff and I did the engine and trans swap in his shop, turned it into a couple of articles for "All Chevy Performance". I'm now putting the A/C in the car but the best thing about it is the links it has to friends past and present.
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