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We have built many of these engines in the past and have decided to catalog it after the great response we have received. This is a Reman LQ4 engine with a Cam and Spring upgrade to bump the power without breaking the bank. This engine will have our 2 Year warranty :thumbsup:

This engine can be used in your 2001-2007 Chevy 1500-3500 Silverado/Tahoe with an ECM Tune. These will also work with aftermarket EFI or 750CFM+ Carburetors.

HP: 460 @ 5700RPM
TQ: 470 @ 4000RPM
Bore: .030
GM LQ4/6.0L Based Long Block
Hypereutectic Dish Pistons 9.5:1 Compression
OE Crank 24 Tooth Reluctor Wheel
OE Rods
#317 or #035 Cathedral Port Heads
Custom Hyd. Roller Camshaft

$3399.00 for the long block shown below (Team Chevelle Member $).

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