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Are 67 Chevelle upper a arm inter nuts welded

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Are the inter nuts welded on a 67 Chevelle for trying to take off the upper a arms to replace all the
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I don't know what INTER nuts are but I would find it hard to believe that someone would weld the 2 nuts that are used for alignment to the cross shaft. The bolts that go thru the frame that these nuts thread onto are sometimes hard to push out as they are knurled and really hold the frame well. I suppose someone could have welded those to the frame at some point if you are actually talking about those bolts and not nuts. If you are talking about the nuts that are threaded onto the cross shaft (actually I believe the factory cross shaft uses a bolt not a nut - some replacements use a nut) - if they are welded to the shaft they would need to be cut off and a new shaft purchased. If I'm deciphering what you said above correctly it sounds like you'll be replacing the bushings so replacing the shaft at the same time is a no big deal.
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Actually re-reading my response - the nuts wouldn't be welded to the cross shaft as there are probably alignment shims there. Are they welded to the bolts. Now I'm lost.
By doing that you wiped out the splines that the hold the bolt from turning. It now may be tough to tighten the nuts when somebody goes to align the car. Tough to get a wrench in there to hold the bolt when the suspension is all put together. I believe thats why GM did that.
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