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Are 67 Chevelle upper a arm inter nuts welded

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Are the inter nuts welded on a 67 Chevelle for trying to take off the upper a arms to replace all the
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I'm asking if these are done factory?
Do I have to cut them off are you kidding me
I just wanted this to be simple my gosh I hate when I get down these rabbit holes on these quick projects darn it anyways it's all about the journey much love to all you guys out there stay safe DJ
Thank you so much for your replies you are 100% correct I meant the bolt that goes through from the tire side to the back side I got the nuts off the backside I just can't seem to get the bolts to push through on the tire side so that I can get the a arm up and off..
I read somewhere that on 67 66 the bolts had a tack weld on the tire side to hold the bolt there just wanted to double-check and like I said again I'm sorry for the misunderstanding I truly appreciate all your guys's help I wish you all a blessed day going to other
Update everybody, 67 Chevelle bolts to the frame are not welded I used my impact wrench on the tire side and was able to reverse them right out and my upper a arm came right out I'm so thrilled thanks for all your replies and thanks for all your support have a blessed day everybody DJ
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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