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Anyone running a msd digital 6 box?

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I think mine has died. The car suddenly shutoff and would not restart. I am getting no voltage on the coil wires or dist. wires coming from the box. I do have a steady red light on the box. I am using a msd dist and coil. What say you??
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Hi, thanks for the response. I have read the instructions for trouble shooting and there is no spark. It does not say anything about testing the wire leads only check the connections. I am trying to find out if the msd box is bad. Any more info would be helpful. Thanks,
Update. Had to bite the bullet and buy a new one. It takes several weeks to months to get one back when sent in for repairs. The car starts normal again so it was the box. I guess if it is your daily transportation you will have to buy 2 of the them so you can get to work while your old one is sent in for repair. Thanks for the responses.
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