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Anyone remember AutoLifter?

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Back in Dec 06 I joined this site after learning that autolifters were out of business. "Someone" came back and posted that they worked for the company and didn't know about the O.B. until 4 p.m. on the day they closed. This guy also said that he was trying to get the company going again with the help of some other past employees. I need either some of the poly blocks that are inside the main towers or the demensions so that I can have them made. Does anyone remember all this. I've searched the boards and can find a couple posting that I was involved in, but none of them involve this guy. Any help out there? Thanks again. My 70 is still in hibernation, but soon.
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John, the new company was taken over by 4 or so of the guys. Only one is left though. Think they found it tougher out there then they thought. Still use the same design and specs. New company is I also have an Auto-Lifters unit from a few years ago, hoping these guys make a go of it. Let me know if this is of any help as I may need parts someday too. :sad:
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