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Honestly I wouldn't waste my time looking through salvage yards for stuff like that. Most good used parts for our old muscle cars lie in the hands of guys like us posting on this forum. You'll have far better luck browsing the classifieds section or searching Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Swap meets can be a good way to find parts too, but I'm not sure if any are happening right now due to COVID. Of course if you're willing and able to buy new parts, there are a lot of great vendors like NPD, Summit, etc.

There are a few salvage yards around town (you'll find them if you do a quick google search), but it isn't like there are a bunch of old Chevelles sitting around waiting to be picked over. You can try these yards but I really doubt you'd find anything worthwhile unless there's parts from a wrecked late model vehicle that you think you could use.
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