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anyone know anything about bucket seats?

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I have a 66 (same as 67) seat that i'm re-doing right now. The metal seat backs have this metal tab that attach somewhere to the top of the seat but i don't know where. Should i cut the vinyl or something to get to the frame? That sounds crazy, and i don't think that's right. Someone help me out here. Thanks

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If I remember correctly, there should be a clip screwed to the frame on top of the vinyl. Kind of like a windsheild trim clip. The metal back hangs on that. Maybe your clips are missing? Let me check mine out.

I am I a cool guy or what? I unscrewed my seat back. There are in fact two metal clips screwed into the frame on top of the vinyl. they are trapazoid shaped. The seat back hangs on these.

I'll send you a picture.
Jameel Qazi
#'s 67 SS

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