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I'm thinking about doing some day hikes here in Southern Calif. I was wondering if anyone here was into hiking. Currently I own a pair of very cheap mid-weight hiking shoes that I put some nice Superfeet inserts into. They were very comfortable walking around on some of the trails in Yosemite. Would you guys recommend getting into some more expensive footwear? I have some Thorlos socks too.

At this point I think I could do hikes that are 10 mile loops with medium elevation changes. What kind of gear/food/water would I need to cary for something like that? I don't want to carry any more than what I need. I would be starting with trails that are mapped out well so that I don't get lost.

Anybody know some good hikes in LA/OC/SFV for a starter?

I've lost 55lbs over the past year with most my exercise happening in a gym or walking around my neighborhood and I would like to GET OUT for the next 30lbs I lose.

Just thought I'd throw something new into the TC mix.

Anyone have any good stories involving hiking?
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