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Olds engines use a rope rear main seal.
A rope seal is GREAT -------------until it goes bad. For the 455 Olds engine, the perfect replacement for the rope seal is the 2-piece seal for a 460 Ford.
But, does anyone know if there is a 2-piece rubber seal for the 350 Olds engine??????????

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Sure--the two-piece neoprene seal for a Ford 292. Seems to me that you can also get a seal from an AMC that works, too.

Actually, before you lay down money for a seal, it would be good to research that over on is one source.

There has been discussion about the knurling on the crankshaft tearing up the neoprene lips. I polished my knurls on the Olds 455 crank with emery cloth; but not so much that they blended into the rest of the surface. And it doesn't get much driving time; I don't know how it's going to hold up as the miles go by.

Although I haven't seen this on an Olds; you have to be VERY careful about installing a neoprene seal into a Pontiac. The groove for the rope seal is not concentric with the bearing saddles--and so the neoprene seal lips may be over compressed on one side; while not touching the crank at all on the opposite side.

The Olds Diesel pan gasket is recommended.
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