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Anyone have any info on this instrument cluster?

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As I've made slow progress on my 66, I am curious about the gauge cluster someone had put in my car before I bought it. I wish it had the stock setup but this is what I have so for now I guess I'm gonna run it.... anyone ever seen one like it and know what brand the gauges themselves are? I don't see any identifiing markings on the faces at all....sorry for the crappy pics, will try for some lighter ones tomorrow.....


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To me the panel looks like it's homemade and as far as the gages go they look like something cheap to fill the panel.
The panel isn't homemade. There was a company selling them which I don't believe is in business any more. They had 2 or 3 different finishes on them of which one was the engine turned finish. I have one that I never used.
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