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Anyone going to Denver Super Chevy this weekend ?

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I'll be there. Probably take the '72 El Camino.

I'll be on the lookout for a couple of cars to photograph for my poster.

Dan Carr
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I'll be there, but probably without mt '71 SS. It has a new 468 BBC that still gets a little warm on hot days and coming from Colorado Springs will be too much. I'll be there Saturday AM looking for good parts deals for my new Nova project.

Bill C.
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I was going to go but Saturday is my girlfriends b-day so car shows are out
... And Sunday the new engine is going in my 71 so I doubt I'll make it.

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I swear I'm going to kill this computer for double posting again....

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I was going to go but now my dad heard from work the swap meets gonna be smaller than Coys was. And Coy's was real small in june, REAL SMALL. So were not going for the swap but maybe for something else. I wish we could finish the car so we can show it but the body needs done. You can see at my web site,
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