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Anybody Replaced Points with Petronix Ignitor Module?

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A friend has donated a Petronix points replacement kit and I was wondering if anyone out there has had experience with it.
I'm not quite ready to move up to HEI. Old habits die hard! ;) Thanks for your help.
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I still have points in my Chevelle (it'll stay that way till I die), but my brother switched over to the Ignitor (Pertronix Ignitor). He likes it, has had no problems at all. It's a 383 stroker and runs just the same as when he had points in it. At least, I saw no real improvement or change. I do remember that setting the GAP is critical. Also, don't leave the ignition switch in the "on" condition for too long. It can burn out the Ignitor in a fairly short period of time. Anyway, it was easy to install, but there are two types, one can be installed without removing the Dist (that's the one he installed). I don't know anything about the newer Ignitor II, so I can't comment on that one.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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