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Anybody have a Hollander

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Granddaughter's man is trying to find out if a steering column from a 99 Suburban is the same as a 95 Chevy pickup before he buys it.

His 95 needs a new turn signal switch and he found a complete 99 column for $75.00.
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Too many variations -try this -
Thanks Mike but all that told me is a turn signal switch cost $193.00, nothing there that I saw that answered my question. (unless I just missed it):confused:

According to the compatibility chart at O'reillys, it most likely will. '95-'99, with some 2000 too. Have him plug in the exact info on the trucks to double check.

Click on the Compatibility tab to check.
Thanks Darren, I'll try that when he's here to answer some questions.
Thanks for all the info!

Well, looks like the turn signal switch is almost $100.00 cheaper at both RockAuto Auto Parts AND at LMC Truck Parts than it is at O'reilly Auto Parts.

Every truck at three pick-n-pull type salvage yards that we went to had the steering columns busted up/destroyed by folks removing the turn signal switches. :(
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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