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Any speedo cable ideas?

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Ok guys, I have headers that I have welded cut-offs on to the collectors which are currently capped. When I go drag race I uncap them. Now the problem I have is the exhaust coming out of the header cut-off hits the speedo cable and has melted through the plastic cover (sheath) and it could damage it if I don't do something before I race again next Friday.

So what can I place over this 6in section of the speedo cable to protect it from the header high temp exhaust? Any siliconer stuff or plastics available. Thanks...........
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Thanks guys. I was looking at Summit's website and looking at high temp sleeves and I completely forgot about header wrap. Duh. I have used it on my motorcycles that had an under seat exhaust. It'll make your legs REALLY warm while street riding.

I'll just wrap it around that section of my speedo cable and use thin clamps to hold it on each side. Anyways, thanks for ideas.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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