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Any speedo cable ideas?

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Ok guys, I have headers that I have welded cut-offs on to the collectors which are currently capped. When I go drag race I uncap them. Now the problem I have is the exhaust coming out of the header cut-off hits the speedo cable and has melted through the plastic cover (sheath) and it could damage it if I don't do something before I race again next Friday.

So what can I place over this 6in section of the speedo cable to protect it from the header high temp exhaust? Any siliconer stuff or plastics available. Thanks...........
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There is a product called firesleeve that is used on airplanes to keep heat off of critical hoses and cables. I got a section of it from a friend of mine who built his own plane. I used it to cover a section of my battery cable near the headers. There is a company that sells airplane stuff that has it, I think they are called Spruce Aircraft Supply, or something similar. Hope this helps.
Come to think of it, I think that Summit sells high temp sleeve. I think theirs is made by Taylor.
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