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Any Ideas where to get these

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I have a 72 Chevelle coupe. I'm looking for the upper window channels (Chrome strip facing the outside) that the window weatherstripping fits into. Do aftermarket suppliers carry these or do I have to locate a good used set? Thanks Bob
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Bob, I think you are talking about the stainless channel that runs up the A-pillar and goes all the way back past the quarter window. Where the door/quarter glass meet the roof....

This part is not reproduced. You'll have to find some used parts.

That's exactly the parts i'm talking about. Mine were cleaning up nicely. I was just about done when I came to about 6 dings in the chrome of the last section of the last piece. :mad: I wonder if these can be repaired? Anyone know?? If so, any suggestions of where to get it repaired? I'll post some pictures of the damage later today. Thanks Bob
yes they can ! ask me how i know !

i was buffing my perfect ones only to slip and hit the buffer nut ! f#@k . o well, i used a little tool i made to get behind the lip and bend it out then i lightley hammered it down flat then filed it smooth with a jewlers file than 400 grit on a da than 600 by hand then buffed it out ! ding is all gone !!! take your time. ive straightened out some pretty bad stuff before . it just takes time !
Thanks for the incentive. Here are a couple of pictures of the damage. I wish it was just one ding but there are 7 of them the same size on the same piece. I'll be surprised if I get these to disappear. i'll give it a go, I can't make it look any worse I guess. :sad:

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