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I have a 68 that had a wood wheel when I acquired it....but the horn has never worked.
I thought I might need a new contact kit, but nothing in the catalogs looks anything like what is on the wheel, so I suspect that something is not right. (Maybe the wrong hub?)
1.The steering wheel retaining nut is on top of the wheel.
2. There is a fiber board attached to the wheel with three rather large shoulder bolts, and it appears that this is all that holds the cap on.
3. There is no contact of any kind in the hole in the hub, but if I stick a small screwdriver into that hole, I can make the horn blow.
It's probably hard to visualize from my description, but I can e-mail some pictures to anyone that can help.
Any ideas?

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Sounds like you have a Grant adapter. An old one I have in my junk box looks that way. There is probably a spade connector on the fiber board, right? What's missing is the "plunger" This is a piece of plastic about 1.5" or so long and not quite as big around as a pencil with a brass pin out one side a a wire out the other (to clip on the spade connector). The brass pin rides on the horn contact assembly (black, circular, goes under the adapter). The horn button is probably held on with three tiny "ears" and a spring between the cap and the steering column collar. The spring returns the horn button after it's pressed and closes the horn circuit.

All that said and done, finding those pieces by themselves is next to impossible. I don't think Grant kits are that expensive.

Feel free to email me any pics you have and we'll see if I'm right.

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